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Editorial Policy


At Web Design for Small Business, we are committed to providing high-quality, reliable, and valuable content related to web design and digital marketing. Our Editorial Policy outlines the standards and guidelines we follow to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the information we publish.


Content Creation


Accuracy and Reliability

Our content is researched and written by professionals with expertise in web design and digital marketing. We strive to provide accurate, up-to-date, and reliable information in all our publications.



We are committed to creating original content. All written material is unique and crafted specifically for our audience.



Our content is focused on topics relevant to web design, digital marketing, and small business needs, providing practical and actionable advice.


Content Review and Updating


Regular Review

Our content undergoes regular reviews to ensure it remains current and reflects the latest trends and best practices in web design and digital marketing.



If inaccuracies or outdated information are identified, we promptly update our content to maintain its relevance and accuracy.


Reader Engagement and Feedback

We encourage feedback and engagement from our readers. Reader comments and suggestions are valued and considered when creating and updating content.


Ethical Standards

We adhere to high ethical standards in our content creation, avoiding conflicts of interest and ensuring transparency in all our editorial practices.


Contact Us

For questions or comments about our editorial content, or to provide feedback, please contact us:

Email: hello@webdesignforsmallbusiness.co.uk  
Phone: 0151 662 0519
Address: Oriel Chambers, 14 Water St, Liverpool L2 8TD